In snowy, cold climates, layering is essential for staying warm and comfortable. Layering creates pockets of insulation that trap heat and regulate body temperature. It allows us to adjust our clothing according to changing conditions, preventing us from overheating or chilling, and offers versatility for varying winter activities.

But, it doesn’t mean a thing if we don’t look and feel cute doing it.

Happy New Layers to You!


CORDOVA | Soelden Bodysuit

As a Base layer, the Soelden bodysuit stays perfectly tucked under ski pants and bibs for a photoshoot ready alpine look. In fact, it was Cordova’s Insta account that first grabbed our attention; with endless svelte beauties enjoying the slopes and Après culture. The Soelden is made from Extra fine 100% Merino wool; so it’s warm, soft to the touch, with a half zip and snaps put in place for those easy on, easy off moments on the mountain (or, anywhere else, for that matter). Love the look, love the Brand! Soelden has a fitted Silhouette and is simply one of the sexiest base layers out there ~ $320


Alps & Meters | Ski Race Knit Patrol Cashmere Sweater and Twenties Trouser

The first female member of the National Ski Patrol, Dorothy McClung, who delivered 150 pounds of food to stranded Rangers in Cuymaca Peak, became the inspiration behind Alps & Meters mid-layer Ski Race Knit Patrol Cashmere Sweater.

Of course, I find Dorothy’s story interesting but the real reason I have fallen in love with the sweater is that it’s crafted from 100% Pure Mongolian Cashmere, from Botto Giuseppe (one of the finest practitioners of Sustainable fashion). Do you have any idea how soft, warm, and comfortable that is? Apart from wearing this sweater on the slopes I enjoy snuggly with it in bed! The ribbed elbow designs are flexible and durable, with a tailored fit that hugs my body. And, the Uniform Patrol Cross graphic reminds me of the heroic traditions associated with Alpine skiing.

Made in Italy ~ $595


Twenties Trouser

In recognition of the tailored sportswear of the 1920s, Alps & Meters brings us the Twenties Trouser – a simply elegant garment, born from the street fashions of the era. Again, cut from a luxurious Italian merino wool, this outer layer is both windproof and waterproof, providing warmth and comfort in a durable, sexy streamlined little number for gals like me.

Obviously, these ski trousers are designed to handle the elements on the mountain – and, they do – but I also appreciate the statement they make when I’m sipping hot cocoa in the lodge. The Twenties Trouser is versatile, works with just about everything, and will last for many winter seasons to come.

Made in Italy ~ $795


Perfect Moment | Gstaad Ski Suit

Imagine the exhilaration of hitting the slopes of Gstaad in this stylish ski suit. Nothing but a sense of adventure, as you carve through pristine powder, feeling the rush of the cold wind against your cheeks. The combination of style and sport creates unique and empowering vibes, blending fashion and athleticism into one unforgettable winter escape.

This chic two-in-one Gstaad Ski Suit features insulated down up top and sleek, close-fit pants on the bottom. Enhanced, breathable, four-way stretch is flexible, comfortable and contoured, giving your body complete freedom while flattering your form as you cut through the snow. A flared silhouette fits snugly over ski and snow boots, while this windproof garment protects against harsh elements.

Gstaad Ski Suit is insulated with 90% goose down and 10% feather. Lots of zippers for all of your personal items, removable belt, and a nifty little place to care for your lift tickets. It’s a sporty, sexy, little snow suit for serious snow bunnies who want to bring the latest functional style to the piste  ~ $960