To ward off the doldrums, brought on by shorter days and excessive cold, try making the most of our longer, darker nights by celebrating the Season of Love (and Lust)!

Not sure what to wear or where to go?



LOVE | Maison Ernest, Paris

One of my favorite shoes in the world is, perhaps, not too surprisingly, also called Favorite. Conceived by Creative Director, Isabelle Bordji, for Maison Ernest, Favorite is an extremely feminine, ultra sexy mule; one that has become a signature look for the company.

Designed in Paris and Made in Italy, Favorite is clearly a piece of functional art; projecting confidence and strength in an elegant form that exudes sensuality.

For February – the season of love – I like to go with Red Patent Leather: the color suggests passion, while the soft leather lining and strong leather soles, power. And, the “dazzling” 14cm heel is aggressive, adding just the right amount of a danger to a silhouette that is sure to capture the attention of your partner. I mean, it’s hardly even fair. They won’t know what hit ’em.



LUST | MarieMur

Born out of a desire to emphasize individual authenticity and help each person fall deeply in love with themselves, MarieMur’s team of designers and artisans create one-of-a-kind luxury items that frame the body in an alluring fashion that brings out its unique beauty. We’ve been following this Brand on Instagram for sometime and have been lured into featuring them based on their devastatingly striking images of powerful women, wearing daring, high quality designs.

MarieMur offers a variety of collections including, Leather, Lace, Lingerie, Bodysuits, Hosiery, and Accessories. And, while I do love nearly all of their items, for the purposes of this feature, I feel compelled to share a little something in Leather.

The MarieMur Poppy Leather Bra & Garters Set is considered by the Brand, and many of those in the community, to be a timeless classic. I must agree. Designed to emphasize feminine shapes, the Poppy is made from high-end Italian Leather that feels soft against the skin. It is comfortable, with durable hardware to keep everything intact. And, the set comes with bra, garters, cuffs and fittings, so you will ready for anything. Not sure how to wear the Poppy Set? Not to worry. MarieMur offers a Guide right HERE.




HATE | To Miss the Following

Of course, we enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day with our significant others right here in the States. Nothing like an exquisite box of chocolate and some lovely wild flowers to set the mood. But, for those feeling a bit more adventurous:

 The Dirty Show Detroit runs February 10/11 and 17/18. Erotic art and performance by local and international participants.

The Nice Carnival runs February 10 – February 26 and is the largest of its kind in the world. Always thought It’s Nice to be in Nice would be a good travel slogan.

The Vienna Opera Ball takes place on February 16 and is quite a gallant affaire. Romancing belles and gentlemen waltzing and sipping Champagne in royal splendor. Sounds divine.

In Italy, Carnivale runs from February through much of March, depending on the region. Since 1162, the people of Venice have gathered in costumes and masks, until the Emperor of Austria outlawed it in 1797. However, in 1979, the brightest Italians brought back Venice Carnivale and it has been one of the world’s finest celebrations ever since – this year running between February 4/21. To hire a costume, handmade from one of several high quality Ateliers, visit the Costume Hire section on their website. The Anita costume (pictured) is composed of Ivory Silk Damask, adorned with precious jasmine braids and pearls. Those Venetians really know how to party in style!


Featured Image | MarieMur Poppy Bra