With so much strife in the world it remains difficult to feel good about anything. Everywhere we turn there seems to be another problem too big to resolve. If we’re not careful we can become overwhelmed by it all. When I find myself feeling down I make time to get out of doors. I throw on something simple, comfortable, hopefully a little stylish, and head to an environment where I can commune with the elements. It is there that I am filled with the spirits of my ancestors.

And, while I may not receive all of the answers I am usually filled with enough positive energy to continue moving forward. My hope is that you are able to do the same.

Lani + Kei

Lani + Kei bralettes have a supportive fit and quality fabric. I love that the bralettes are stretchy, comfortable, and colorful, with beautiful detail. They fit nicely and look chic under cute spring tops. They specialize in sexy floral lace bralettes, including styles like racerback, triangle, crochet, longline, padded, and halter, all made to be seen.

Lani + Kei was founded by Christina Eng in Las Vegas, where she had left the corporate world behind to turn a side hustle into a full-time business. What didn’t change is her love of the retail world and meeting the needs of her clientele. Personally, I find Lani + Kei bralettes to be the answer to my small breast size. It can be a challenge finding a sexy bra that has just the right amount of padding to accentuate without being fake. Many bras create a strange lumpy shape or gap when placed on the smaller breast size, Lani + Kei’s bralettes do not. I also love the comfortable fabric.

Comfort + proper fit + sexy feminine style = Add me to the fan list.


Camas Lilly Co. | Dani Dress

Honor your femininity with timeless and sustainable materials from Camas Lilly Co.

Raised in Camas, WA, founder Sarah Torres fell in love with the beauty nature had to offer and the fashion of decades past. Her creativity and artistic nature were born in the wildflowers and evergreen trees, along with a strong need to protect and preserve everything Mother Nature provides.

Sarah’s studies of Fashion Design and a career working for various fast fashion brands showed her just how much waste comes from the industry on a daily basis. Renewed in her dedication to sustainability and upcycling, Camas Lilly Co. was born.

Since 2018, Camas Lilly has entirely committed itself to designs that are actually good for the environment. By strictly using deadstock, they are saving landfills from hundreds of pounds of fabric by turning them into gorgeous garments. Based in Altadena, California, they have plenty of material to work with.

On top of their promise to preserve the beauty in nature, they are also embracing the beauty in women everywhere. By engaging in slow fashion and producing small batches, they have the ability to be inclusive to all sizes from X-Small to 3X-Large.

Dedicated to Zero Waste efforts, Camas Lilly is made to honor your journey and Mother Nature.

Dani Dress in Pampas Sand Wash Satin | $98


Kizik | Prague

Sometimes, you need to get on a plane. Why? If you live in my little corner of the world the cold weather and rain just won’t stop. Which, makes it very difficult to commune with nature (or, at least good weathered nature). And, getting through an airport security line quickly when you’re wearing sneakers is nearly impossible. But, you also don’t want to be the person standing barefoot on the dirty floor because you wore sandals. Well, Kizik has eliminated the hassle of putting on shoes with hands-free footwear technology.

Kizik shoes (available for men and women) feature a patented heel design so all you have to do is slip your toes into the shoe, the heel will compress so your foot can slide all the way in and then once your foot is in, the heel will spring back into place securing your foot in the shoe. A nifty little trick when you’re already stressed due to the demands of your flight.

I’m not saying these sneakers will change your life. But, they will make it just a bit easier to comfortably get from point A to B.

Prague | $99