For 39 years, the Roznowski Tree Company has been hauling Christmas trees from northern Michigan farms to Detroit’s Eastern Market. Bernie Roznowski currently helms family operations, with assistance from several members of his family, including grandson Jacob.

Business has been steady for the tree farming family through the years and they love providing others the centerpiece of their holiday celebration. So, for those who wish to avoid the Fake Plastic Tree approach to Christmas there are few city holiday experiences as rewarding as sipping hot cocoa while you wind through the maze of evergreens in search of the perfect tree.

Mini bon fire stations are usually set about to help warm cold hands and feet, air is thick with the aroma of fresh cut pine, and Christmas music wafts through the air from distant speakers.

While Roznowski is not the only company selling a variety of greens in the market they have been a staple for many throughout the years. So, pick out what works for you – Spruce, Firs, Pines – ask for a complimentary cut and trim, and grab some twine to fasten your Christmas tree to the hood of your vintage wagon.

Outside Shed 3, Riopelle, Eastern Market.