The Boxing Rink/Deyoga Room will launch its new program, “Senior Focus” , that combines physical and cognitive exercises to challenge the body and mind in a FUN, friendly and social environment for Senior Citizens only.

Senior Focus is designed to give seniors challenging, yet safe physical activity, to gain flexibility, stamina and stability, building confidence and mental wellness by improving cognitive function.

The idea stemmed when Co-Owner/CPT/Senior Exercise Specialist, Mike Martelli, started training his fiancée Barbara’s mother, Kathy Deyo, a 75 year old woman suffering from high blood pressure, balance issues, memory loss and, at the stern advice of her cardiologist, desperately needed to lose weight. It was the memory loss that concerned Kathy the most though. An MRI and a visit to the neurologist revealed that nothing was wrong with Kathy’s brain. It was just aging, like the rest of her body. And just like everyone’s body ages differently, everyone’s brain does too.

The doctors’ number one recommendation? EXERCISE.

“Well, we can fix that,” Barbara said to the doctor, “We own a gym.”

Kathy and Coach Mike began training – at first at Kathy’s reluctance – finding it “difficult” to schedule her first session. She was scared. She had never worked out in her life!

How can she possibly start at 75 years old??

Fast forward a few short months later and now Kathy is calling Coach Mike on the regular to make sure she gets her sessions in. She tries to train 3 times a week.

The result?

Kathy has lost over 30 pounds, and has gone from barely being able to get out of a chair to doing 30 chair squats! The lady who was afraid of stairs is doing toe taps on a Bosu ball!! She is tossing a medicine ball naming states as she does so. She can walk a mile without resting – a vast improvement from getting light headed after 2 minutes on a treadmill during her stress test! She no longer has high blood pressure, and doesn’t need her cardiologist. The results have been so incredible – we needed to share it with as many people as we can.

This is why we have brought you Senior Focus. This is why you, or your mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, friend or loved one NEEDS THIS program.  Classes will begin September 18, 2018, and to launch the program and try it out, the first week is FREE!!

Contact Coach Mike at 248-817-5243 or [email protected] to schedule a FREE fitness assessment and registration.