Burt Reynolds fans on Long Island will hold a memorial tribute to the “Smokey and the Bandit” star by driving in a 100 Trans Am parade with drivers dressed in iconic “Bandit” costumes. This will be the largest Smokey and the Bandit tribute in the United States to date, with expected fan attendance in the thousands.

The organizer of the event had reached out in the past to have the late-icon attend New York’s largest car show. The 1977 Trans Am was one of the most popular cars of the decade amongst millions of Americans. Despite being a resident of New York in the 1960s Reynolds either had no interest in making an appearance or the Bandit did not get the message. Regardless, the car show went on to non verified success.

The only Smokey and the Bandit film in the trilogy that did not feature the Bandit

Burt Reynolds, an iconic movie star and celebrity icon, died tragically of a cardiac arrest on Thursday, September 6, 2018 at the age of 82. Millions of Americans are mourning the legend through repeated viewings of his films, including “White Lightning”, “Deliverance”, and “Smokey and the Bandit”. No word yet on a remake of 1983’s “Smokey and the Bandit part 3”, the only film in the trilogy that did not feature the Bandit.

New York’s largest car show will take place on September 28 and 29 and will, as previously suggested, welcome tens of thousands to Long Island for the event. Over two-thousand classic custom cars and hot rods, costing millions, will line Eisenhower Park, 1899 Park Boulevard, Westbury, for this annual event.