2020 has been challenging to say the least and with an extremely heated election on the horizon, following last week’s tense presidential debate and tomorrow’s VP debate, it seems everyone from personalities to brands to hotels are stepping up to encourage voting now through November.

While the following two hotels are taking a different approach to what has become the most divisive election (since the last one) both offer their community an opportunity to get in on the game of politics in an elevated fashion.

Crossroads Hotel, Kansas City

“Not at a Crossroads Hotel Package”: Crossroads Hotel in Kansas City has created the “Not at a Crossroads Hotel Package,” to encourage voting for the upcoming presidential election. Available for one night only on November 3rd with proof of voting, guests can cozy up in their hotel room to view the “high” stakes election night coverage with CBD gummies, Painkiller cocktails and a variety of candies and snacks from WHOMP popcorn to Hot Tamales, and Milk Duds. Rate of $169 *one night only.

Shinola Hotel, Detroit

Shinola Hotel in Detroit has installed an “I Voted” vitrine in the lobby showcasing Shinola’s I Voted Detrola watch in partnership with I am a voter.® along with a QR code that will bring guests to the resources they need to get themselves registered, informed, and prepared for the polls.

Signage and flags will be displayed throughout the hotel and both guests and the public will be encouraged to utilize the resource from now leading up to election day. The hotel is also supporting their team by offering staff a paid holiday on November 3rd, assistance with voting registration, mail in ballots and district voting information.

feature photo | Jessica Malek