Spin Your Own Mojo

by Stein Van Bael


Teresa Carbone  Miles Maries  Shelby Kramer

Clothing Credits

01. Well Done Goods: Pizza/butts pillows, Flammable liquid mug, Motherfucker in charge title plate, Black zipper knee jogger  Busted: Red bralette

02 Well Done Goods: Red hooded wool ‘nutrition facts’ coat, Sunglasse Location: Candle Wick Shoppe

03 Well Done Goods: French Fries, slouchy knit hat with fleece lining Candle Wick Shoppe: Mojo Bar, Oils and herbs

04 Candle Wick Shoppe: Mojo bags, Goddess statue, Candles, Runes, Cauldron, Atmosphere incense, Akashic wisdom / Coventry magic books, Tapestries, Incense burner, Stones Busted: Ballet pink bralette, Black Lacey lounge robe Well Done Goods: Geometric necklace

05 Candle Wick Shoppe: Mermaid flask, Happy Hookers Detroit: Knit dress Party monster top Location: Northern Lights Lounge

06 Happy Hookers Detroit: off the shoulder dress with striped sleeves Reverse knit jumper Location: Northern Lights Lounge

The Shops

Happy Hookers Detroit is a knitting shop located at the Rust Belt Market in Ferndale, MI. Christina Larson leads the way for hookers of all ages to create garments by the motto “where fashion meets funk”. We love the colorful palettes and comfortable yet stylish wears that this company gives us!

Well Done Goods tells us no lie when they say the goods are ‘well done’. This snappy little stop on Gratiot Ave. has a little bit of everything. We love this place because the prices are right, and the looks are tight. From iPad cases to pillows, sweaters to sunglasses. The store is so perfectly set up to find what you’re looking for. If you’re seeking your next come-up, pop in!

Busted is the only bra specialty shop in the city of Detroit. They have more sizes, shapes, and combinations than the basic run of the mill shop can provide. We love this shop because Busted’s ladies are very knowledgeable about what it is you need to make your love pillows happy. Helpful and friendly staff, quality lingerie, and beautiful bras for any occasion. Let them help you find your perfect match!

The Candle Wick Shoppe, located on 9 mile in Ferndale, is the one and only place to get your handmade & specialty ordered candles… and they didn’t stop there! Not only can you grab candles, beautiful stones and crystals, incense and runes… you can make your very own mojo bags! These bags are filled with customized items to fit your unique needs and wishes. Keep them with you to spin your own mojo everywhere you go! We love this place, because it’s got everything we need to put forth some good energies, and the owners and staff are just the best people you’ll ever meet. Tarot readings by Jacki Smith are the bomb, too, btw.

Stein Van Bael/Photos & Creative Direction