Sometimes, we need a little something to heighten reality.

Whether you’re roadtripping to the Deep South, hard at work in your private jet, or home with family and friends watching summer blockbusters, we all appreciate the little things that help us along.

The following are staff picks for better snacking …




When in New Orlean’s French Quarter there is but one location for the famed, Muffuletta – Central Grocery. Founded in 1906 by Salvator Lupo, an immigrant from Sicily who will forever be known as the Artist who created the legendary sandwich – combining in-house sliced meats, special homemade bread, and their family Italian Olive Salad – Central Grocery is a landmark not to be missed.

It had been 10 years since I had the taste of Muffuletta on my lips, so imagine my excitement when, for Father’s Day (last month), my family surprised me with homemade Muffuletta; using Olive Salad from Central Grocery.

While I still do not know all the details, my partner scoured the internet for the closest recipe and then ordered product directly from the source. She then baked fresh bread and assembled the only Muffuletta I’ve had outside of Central Grocery that was equal to the original. Obviously, that could not have been done without Salvator Lupo’s family recipe.

By itself, the Olive Salad could be considered a Snack but the Muffuletta is certainly a meal – one of the great sandwich creations. It’s a big, flavorful, spicy sandwich designed for adventurous palettes. So big, you’ll be snacking on leftovers for two days. And, it’s a taste you will not forget.

Check back for our story on the Making of the Muffuletta – coming soon!




Amaretto Di Matilde

For an interesting history on the passionate, Italian baker, Matilde Vicenzi, who is responsible for (among other creations), Amaretto Di Matilde’s original Italian recipe Amaretti cookies, please visit

Until then, imagine yourself watching Fellini’s 8 1/2, sometime after dark, with a small plate of these traditional Italian cookies and, perhaps, a cup of tea or a glass of Amarone della Valpolicella.

Made from sugar, egg white, and apricot kernels, Amaretti cookies have a distinctive, bittersweet taste that are appreciated by only the more refined palettes. Absolutely delightful, little Amaretti are the perfect accompaniment to Il Maestro’s visual extravagance; with the content of the cookie in sync with the dreamlike forms on screen.

Am I saying Amaretti Di Matilde are as good as a Fellini film?

I’m not sure.

But, I can say, they are at the very least, Felliniesque.




Sweet Tea

The Whistling Kettle, is an independent specialty loose leaf tea-centric restaurant and retailer located in the great state of New York. In fact, one of their cafe locations is in Schenectady; a town close to my heart, as it was the most interesting and unusual sounding stop along a train line I rode as a kid that ran from Detroit to New York City.

Anyway, their company launched in 2004 and has been doing great business online. Whistling Kettle is a family owned business that enjoys bringing premium loose leaf teas to anyone interested in experiencing the world through that lens.

And, while we at The Metropolitan are well known coffee lovers, there is one among us – Ms. Jeanette Frost –  who is a tea connoisseur. Since Ms. Frost is still riding high on her recent southern excursion we thought she might enjoy a classic Southern-style iced tea just right for sipping in the high heat of summer.


 Sparkling Sweet Tea


Kettle Iced Tea Blend Tea  

Sparkling Wine

Simple Syrup


Brew 3/4 cup of Kettle Blend tea

Add 1/2 cup sparkling wine to chilled tea

Supplement with 1 oz simple syrup

Pour over ice and garnish with a slice of lemon on the edge of the glass





And, Other Sundries

The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag is a high-quality odor eliminator that doesn’t just cover up odors; it actually absorbs them. Without needing batteries or wires, this extremely effective air purifier works like a magnet to continuously capture odors and harmful pollutants out of the air without giving off a scent. For damp, musty environments the Moso Bag will also absorb excess moisture and regulate humidity.

Just place the Moso Bag in your home and the bamboo charcoal inside absorbs the odor. Available in a variety of sizes for any room of the home, garages, kitchens, refrigerators, stinky shoes, and cars.

And, for those of us forced to live with a feline, let it be known, this product is a welcome sundry.


Until next month, ladies and germs …