Few things in life are not made better by a good slice of pizza. In fact, I’ll often take a bad slice over many other options. At times, I may have even found slices wedged between the cushions of a sofa that have proven more than adequate (But, that’s a subject for another story). Fortunately, for lovers of the perfect food, there exists a place in Eastern Market called, Supino Pizzeria.

Many know Supino’s as the corner dine-in pizzeria on Russell Street. It offers a little lunch/dinner menu including Antipasta, Insalate, Pasta of the Day, Dolce, a full bar and, of course, a list of Red and White pizzas. But, Supino’s also offers pizza by the slice in the original section of the restaurant – cheese for $2.75, Pepperoni $3.25, and a daily special at $3.75.

While Supino’s does offer a table or two in this area, along with a handful of stools providing customers a window seat with a view of the market, things can get tight when the main dining room is busy. No problem. Just take a slice out to the corner, fold it, and enjoy the Detroit skyline in the distance.



Sometimes, however, you need more than just a slice. In that case, Supino’s is also the perfect joint for carry-out. I usually order a small ($9) or large ($13) cheese. Sublime, in its simplicity. A Detroit pie, with just a touch of Old Country.

Delivered steaming hot straight from the oven, I add parmesan, a little crushed red pepper flake, and let the flavors combine on the ride home. The aroma from the well designed box, seat belted into the passenger seat, has on more than one occasion tempted me to eat and drive, but years of discipline in the face of vice has prevented me from doing so. That, and I probably had a slice while I waited for my order.

In kitchen, I heat the oven to warm the pizza just before serving. Pair with wine, San Pellegrino sparkling fruit soda (blood orange is my current favorite), or sparkling mineral water, add a film from the Italian Neorealists, or the French New Wave, and you have a flawless evening.

Of the tens of times I’ve brought this pizza to friends or family not once has there been complaint or disappointment. Not saying it won’t happen to you, but if it does chances are your loved ones are wrong. If that’s the case, don’t argue. Order them a delivery instead. Slices can and should go anywhere so pop the remainder in the deep freeze and future proof against your next bad day.