This is a challenging time. Even for fans of change, the constant deluge of sudden conflict is burning you out. It makes you feel soft and sensitive when you’d rather be strong and to the point. Respect your own softness this month.
You will have small career wins and epiphanies in February but what you really need is a hug. The project you are finishing is stuck. The leadership is bossy and not going anywhere for awhile. Even in this tough environment, you can personally succeed. Why are you walking on eggshells? Do you need to do that? Take it easy with yourself. Plan a secret ME PARTY and go for a walk, have a facial, eat something incredible for lunch. Be optimistic. It’s better for your health.
Modern intuitive Erika Schweizenheimer uses tarot readings to bring clarity to relationships, career and politics. She writes tarotscopes that offer direction in a mad, mad world.