In 1988, late night radio talk show host Art Bell changed the format of his Las Vegas produced program and renamed it Coast To Coast Am. He moved production from The Plaza Hotel to his home studio in the desert of Pahrump, Nevada. Bell’s new format aired to controversy surrounding its subject matter of UFOs, the Paranormal, and Conspiracy Theories, as it grew to over 15 million listeners.

Shortly, thereafter, Dr. Steven M. Greer founded the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) to create a research based initiative for contact with intelligent alien lifeforms. In 1993, Dr. Greer launched the Disclosure Project, with the intent of giving a platform to “whistleblowers” who claimed to have information on government involvement with UFOs.

The Ancient Aliens series on History Channel began in 2010 exploring theories mainly posited by author / researchers Erich Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin that argues the origin of humankind comes from contact with Extraterrestrials.

Today, there is no shortage of alien and conspiracy theories on platforms like Youtube, where content comes everywhere from legitimate independent researchers, to controlled opposition, to pranksters and lunatics.

Emily Infinity, a Detroit-based artist and musician, is one who claims to have had some such encounter with intelligent alien lifeforms. A listener to Coast to Coast Am for some time, Infinity became a part of the “Disclosure” community after volunteering for Contact in the Desert (2018). After months of adventure, meeting principle players in the movement, and touring several curious sights in the American West, Central and South America, Ms. Infinity has come home to present the Detroit Disclosure Conference.



AB: You have a conference coming up called Detroit Disclosure – what is it about and what led you to its creation?

Emily Infinity: The Detroit Disclosure Conference has been created to merge the people in and around Detroit who have an understanding or curiosity about various subjects that satisfy the search for truth. Disclosure is a platform that would ideally be imbued with an official statement by the U.S. Government on a podium on the White House lawn acknowledging the presence of UFOs since (at least) Roswell. Because it hasn’t “officially” happened yet, it is becoming a ruled-out option. Thus, Disclosure is happening from the ground up. Disclosure is not solely limited to UFOs – it includes every aspect of life that may have been influenced by lies perpetuated by the government, media, education, health system, and a metastasized social-compliance with all of it. Myself and others feel it’s time to create a shift in consciousness here by sharing information that we feel would be helpful to those who are awakening. 

AB. Tell me a little about your experience in the 2018/19 Contact in the Desert conferences – who did you meet, what did you learn, and how do you view the overall experience?

Infinity: I had been a longtime listener to Coast to Coast AM and joined the membership to listen to the archives anytime, religiously. C2C interviews experts on a plethora of subjects every night for 4 hours. It’s the best education I’ve ever had because it includes so many topics that society rejects that I feel good learning about. Many of the interviewees on this radio show are hosted at various conferences throughout the country and the world. One of the big conferences that hosts some of the most prominent people is called Contact in the Desert. After years of desiring to attend something like this, I applied for a volunteer position and was accepted. This is when my life changed, because, well, I met someone, a man who is now my significant other named Brad Olsen; a tall, handsome, author/researcher, book publisher, world-traveler, charming, you name it, I scored.  After that I became personally acquainted with everyone that I had intellectually idolized as I joined Brad in his speaking engagements at various conferences. I’ve spent time in great length with David Hatcher Childress and his wife Jen Bolm, I played foosball with Giorgio Tsoukalos, I’ve danced-partied with Super Soldiers, I dined with Jordan Maxwell, I’ve schmoozed with Richard Dolan and his wife Tracey, I’m often told I resemble Laura Eisenhower (Ike’s great granddaughter) who I’m chummy with, I’ve had the pleasure of spending time conversing with with Clyde Lewis, Olav Phillips, Travis Walton, Hugh Newman, Leo Zagami, Nassim Haramein, Brian Foerster, Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Michael Salla, Michael Tellinger, Russell Targ, Jason Quitt, John Desouza, Whitley Streiber, George Noory, and many others. There is so much to learn from these people, and it has been an honor to be among them. When you dive into these subjects you are likely to become profoundly influenced by these amazing researchers who have built a name for themselves.

AB: I have to ask about the “Super Soldiers” …

Infinity: Supersoldiers are people who are coming forth to tell us about how they were genetically augmented, implant-enhanced, specially trained soldiers. They are used over and over for military applications without one’s awareness of it. They claim to have been kidnapped by a government agency and were modified, sometimes at the DNA level, to create a more powerful soldier to be used in combat both on and off world. They are used in the American military for off world Department of Defense, and for the mercenary companies, Monarch and Kruger. The Secret Space Program and the super soldier community overlap. Of course, I am not an expert on the subject so I must refer to sources who are such as, Randy Cramer, James Ring, and Penny Bradley.

AB: Of the list of speakers who stands out as the person(s) we should most pay attention to?

Infinity: Richard Dolan. Not only is he a delightful, quirky, and adorable man, but he is a vigilantly accurate historian scholar who applied his research to the original question he posited: Were UFOs ever important to the U.S. national security community? The answer being YES led to 20 years of research, and plenty of output of information in his books and YouTube videos. Richard Dolan is the most pragmatic person that has taken this subject head-on, and he appeals to critical thinkers and skeptics with fact-based information, eradicating anything and everything woo-woo about the subject because of his scrutiny, discernment, and disdain for misinformation.

AB: And, what about Giorgio Tsoukalos? Most will recognize him from the History Channel series, Ancient Aliens. 

Infinity: Brad met Giorgio about ten years ago through David Hatcher Childress, owner of Adventures Unlimited Publishing. They went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. On the car ride there Giorgio [Tsoukalos]pitched the idea about Ancient Aliens, ironically wishing to start off with an episode about the Crystal Skulls. Since then Brad has been on Ancient Aliens, and David has been a staple appearing numerous times. Before this became a History Channel hit, Giorgio was living in Switzerland and met Erich von Daniken, who was his mentor for many years. This past conference was where I spent the most time hanging out with Georgio. He was on my foosball team and we lost by one point to Brad and another friend of ours, Scott Caramanis. Georgio also hugged and congratulated me saying what a good guy Brad was, and how happy is he is for both of us.


“In the realm of physical evidence, megaliths, or large stone structures, have predated all known architecture, whose origins and creation processes are still a mystery” ~ Infinity


AB: Can you speak a bit on any of your personal encounters with aliens or UFOs? What were the circumstances surrounding the event(s), what do you think you should you be learning from those experiences, and how do others view you when you share your story?

Infinity: I was introduced to this entire ET thing unintentionally. It was a rare introduction, in fact. At the time it was a very difficult situation to understand, and psychic mediums were able to help me through it, as well as healers, Shamans, my own prayers to Jesus Christ and Mary, as well as time. This wasn’t an abduction, it wasn’t a UFO sighting, it was a mind invasion by some kind of interdimensional dark glob from an alternate universe that also functioned as a high-level mind and worked in concert with other invasive (grey-looking) ET species to extract and/or examine my consciousness, which turned my world upside down and made me very tired. So looking at it from a step back (inside my head using my third eye) it appeared to be shadow, but on the outside of my head, seen with my real eyes, it was a small black dot that traveled very fast into my left eye and proceeded to use my brain as a projector of its mind, which illustrated other worlds, all of which had a dark haze to the imagery. So this thing was three things: it was able to act like an imagination (that wasn’t mine, yet was in my brain and I could perceive it), it was able to be a shape-shifting entity of dark shadow at a glance (when I made it stop being my imagination and was able to look at it, it could multiply and become 3 or more different shadow globs), and it was able to travel through space and dimensions to enter my body and mind through my pupil. And then, AND THEN, it was trapped in my head for 10 years.  After that I believed in aliens and other dimensions, and inevitably I began looking up at the sky more. Over the course of many years I have three preposterous UFO sightings.

AB: Three UFO sightings?

Infinity: July 2nd, 2010 Royal Oak, Michigan, 11:30pm near Eleven Mile and Woodward: I did not expect to look up to find two stationary, noiseless crafts extremely high up in the air taking turns blinking lights. I fixated on them for a few minutes. I whisper-yelled for Rob to come out and see this. We then watched these crafts appear to communicate back and forth through the blinking of lights. I pulled out my phone and turned on the flashlight pointed up to create a blinking effect by waving my hand over it, hoping to either join in on the conversation or to test their technology to see if they could detect the signal I was giving them. Within 20 seconds the lights stopped, the crafts disappeared, no noise was heard. I don’t know for sure whether these were manmade or not, but they were extremely high up, hovering, no noise, and they could probably see me doing that due to them ending their signaling shortly after I began mine.

July 3rd, 2010 Lake Orion, Michigan 8:30pm: I was at a backyard bbq party that backed into a thick forest. After watching the sunset and continuing to overlook this forest scene with my friend Dave, out of nowhere we both spotted a craft that entered our visual field and was moving very erratically during its southbound and downward trajectory. This craft was showing signs of explosive electrical failure as sporadic bursts of lightning or electricity were undeniably shooting out from it. Each light burst was accompanied by the craft jumping 15 feet into another direction yet arriving there almost instantaneously. My deduction from this is it had interdimensional and anti-gravitational technology, and was either spotted by our satellite and shot down somehow, or it attempted our atmosphere and could not adapt, therefore malfunctioning. It made an imminent but noiseless descent into the thicket of the forest, but I did not wish to endanger myself by venturing to retrieve it in the dark.

Electric Forest, 2016, 11am: I was laying down in my van, seats removed, with the sliding door open looking up at the sky. I noticed a black object extremely high up and stationary. It move in a single direction briefly, then became still again. I didn’t take my eyes off it. It moved in another direction and then stopped. After 10 minutes with three or four angular movements and brief pauses it became smaller, eventually disappearing into the sky and did not reappear.

AB:  When you met Brad Olsen – author of the Esoteric Series – and, as it sounds, fell in love, you continued with him on his travels. Where did you go, what did you see and learn, and in what capacity were you operating on the expedition?

Infinity: Five days after we met, while I was in his arms in a pool, he professed he had booked a four-month trip to South America and was intending to make it out to Antarctica. He opened the invitation for me to join him. That began a couple of months of me finding a corresponding flight at an affordable rate, which I eventually did. Landing in Santiago in November, we bought a car in Chile and drove through five countries in South America, joined Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Academy for a megalithic tour of Peru and Bolivia, and we also took a sailboat to Antarctica on a 26 day round-trip voyage that was customized to visit six research bases and be able to interview people at each station about various anomalies in Antarctica. We shared the duties, but I am a proficient late-night driver, and strong winds tailgate chef. On the contrary, I am a completely indisposed sailor on the Drake Passage because seasickness has a very strong effect on me.

AB: There has been a lot of talk about Antarctica lately. My understanding is that only a fraction of the world’s population has been there. Tell us about your exploration, some of your experiences with the people, culture, ocean navigation, and what knowledge you gained.

Infinity: .01 of .01 percent of the world’s population has been to Antarctica, according to Brad’s rough calculation. When Brad and I took our Antarctica trip, the particularly motivating factor was to see if there was anything relevant to the cause in searching for anomalies in Antarctica, anomalies that most people wouldn’t consider to exist, starting with the claims of Admiral Byrd about seeing craft and a potential entrance to the inner Earth, followed by the modern researchers and their informants about a large UFO craft being buried beneath the ice. Other buzzing topics that we aimed to investigate included various coordinates being pixellated out of Google Earth’s satellite images such as structures seen in 2011, but were blurred out in 2015; a pyramid formation; various political and royal elite having made visits there; the South Pole being a no-fly zone; a military presence at the Palmer Base; a three-mile long UFO buried under the ice; historical inaccuracies about the age of the continent; Hollow Earth Theory; Nazi presence and the Third Reich; and so on…

Yep, this is what we declared to the eleven Polish sailors on our sailboat who weren’t quite sure how to react, and the ones who spoke English may or may not have properly translated our intention for taking this trip to the other sailors. Crazy Americans, they initially thought, but I think they had a respect for what we were doing by the end of it. Brad was courageous in his ability to ask these questions at each research base, as well as at the Antarctic sailor’s club in Ushuaia. Nobody was able to attest to any of these claims, nobody had ever heard of such things, except for one multiple-craft UFO sighting reported at an Argentinian base. I was fortunate to see plenty of whales, dolphins, and penguins. I climbed on a couple of icebergs, had some cathartic moments with animals who have never seen a human before, and enjoyed the sharp crackling of the glacial ice when a shot of whiskey was poured on top. There was no shortage of booze, yet no trace of bud. Sailors consist of mostly men who are ready for an adventure, and the successful sailing of Drake Passage is the ultimate accomplishment. I wasn’t sure I would live to tell this story.

AB: Too bad about Hollow Earth (but at least you got to see penguins) … We’ll come back to the larger mission in more detail in a follow-up, because there is still much I’d like to discuss about Antarctica and the countries you explored in South America…

But, for now, you were at risk of losing your life?

Infinity: I could have lost my life on the Drake Passage, where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans collide into the Southern Ocean. Please understand that the vomit factor is worse than anything imaginable. I was the first to blow, and on the slanted and rocky boat a poor lad had to carry my nearly overflowing vomit in a saucepan up the stairs and overboard. The first night on the Drake was a storm. The winds were strong – and 11 out of 12 scale, 12 being a hurricane. The waves were huge, and the G-force was almost insurmountable. At that point I had expelled all but the last drop of bile from my body, and sitting upright would only induce more of this reaction. I was having a bad trip because of the hallucinating effects being on a boat has after a while. The teeter-tottering with the whole room surrounding it induces a psycho-physiological effect.  My breathing was shallow and inconsistent, and I felt that at any moment a huge wave was going to capsize the boat, or that we would crash into an iceberg because the speed was beyond our control. The Titanic movie’s deadliest moments were on replay in my mind – everything up until Jack sinking. This was the darkest, scariest, and most tumultuous  situation I had ever been in, and all I could think about were ways to survive – which were null and replaced with panic. At this point it was up to the boat to save us. After hours of freaking out visualizing all worst-case scenarios, realizing my death could be immanent, I eventually prayed. After a few minutes I received an answer to my prayer: “Take 5 deep breaths,” said who/whatever. So I did. I would certainly not say that to myself, therefore I distinguished it as a divine message. By the 5th breath I was asleep.

Later that night around 5am, while the 2-man crew was operating the chaos, my worst fear came true: a huge wave broached the boat, flinging me out of my bed. Had I not held on time while I was half-asleep I would have probably been severely injured. The guys who were steering the boat at that time were strapped on. While almost being thrown overboard but saved by a rope, one man receive a deep large cut in his leg. We lost one of our life rafts, and the weight of the wave destroyed various glass covers for compasses and other important things on the outside of the boat. The total in damages from that single wave was over $6k.

AB: That – is a serious story. I have to be honest and say, I would have hated that event. You, however, have proven to be a legit sailor. Impressive. We could go on about these adventures for hours but I’m curious to find out your criteria for choosing lecturers for Detroit Disclosure  – and what are you hoping this event will do for its audience?

Infinity: I felt inclined to source local citizens who are familiar with certain aspects of the material that is covered at the bigger conferences. The ideal recipe is people who can articulate their own understanding of truth, as either an experiencer, insider, or researcher. In some instances being experiencer leads to becoming a researcher, like with Bill Konkolesky, who had his own UFO sightings at a young age and had been curious about unusual activity in the sky ever since. Like many other researchers in this field, Bill reports solid, undeniable evidence that rarely gets the credence it deserves, such as a multiple-witness UFO sightings, photographs or videos, or testimonies from the trusted and upstanding townspeople, such as a cop or a farmer. Too many “normal” people have been ridiculed for seeing an actual anomalous craft in the sky, getting publicly shamed and outcast. So now it is a hush-hush scenario, because nobody wants to be called crazy. The effectiveness in keeping this UFO a secret is done through control of the news media with a deliberate example-making of witnesses. The rest of TV-watching society eats their popcorn and begins to sneer in ignorance with the talking heads who are replacing Truth anything and everything but the Truth. Even the Left and the Right are playing out a superiority complex, so everyone gets to be a bully if they want to be on team News Media Pick-a-side.  I hope there are fewer people buying into this crap that they’d like us to believe, and I say we ought to make ourselves known to one another, and stand up against this divisive BS and talk about the real problems, which are founded upon lies and manipulation of the masses.

AB: After your experiences, and discussions with those in the field of study, do you have an opinion on the origin of humans, the number of alien species our World Government(s) knows about, or whether we are capable of traveling to other planets?

Infinity: Yes, my opinion is that our origins exceed the boundaries of Earth, at various junctures in ancient times. The information I have pieced together coupled with my intuition would consider that different races might have different planetary origins. This is where Darwin, and some modern scientists who dare to question their forefathers, tend to disagree. In the realm of physical evidence, megaliths, or large stone structures, have predated all known architecture, whose origins and creation processes are still a mystery, just like our own origin and creation process. As for the number of alien races, it can be deduced that there are many. I don’t know how many we interfaced with. As for being able to travel to other planets, Super Soldiers will attest to having gone to Mars. Even though this is some of the most far out information I have come across, I won’t write it off completely just because it is inconceivable. Instead, I listen to these testimonies and if they turn out to be true I would have already factored them into my ethos to be able to advance a factual understanding of reality. Until disclosure is fully disclosed many UFO videos will be discarded, phenomena not considered, with few incidences taken seriously. In a perfect world we will all know the truth.

AB: Thank you for your time, Ms. Infinity …


Emily Infinity’s Detroit Disclosure Conference takes place on Sept 08, 2019 at the Tangent Gallery/Hastings Street Ballroom, and runs from 11:30am to Midnight