Knit Sew Fabulous

Lynette J. Halalay was a showroom and runway model in New York, San Francisco and Milan, Italy. Currently, Lynette is following her passion for fashion through design, bringing to her creations a world of fashion knowledge and experience.


Designers Stephanie Whitfield (left) and Lynette Halalay (right).

Ms. Halalay created Knit Sew Fabulous in 2010, a Detroit maker brand offering one-of-a-kind garments that are both versatile and flattering to a woman’s figure. Many of Lynette’s designs allow for multiple looks within a single garment.

“It is my belief that everyone is special and deserves to have a warm hug and look great,” says Lynette. “This is what my knits will give you.”

Detroiter’s can find Knit Sew Fabulous online at various platforms, but I recommend checking out Lynette’s designs first on facebook, or through Instagram.


Salikas Jewels

Designer, Stephanie Whitfield taps into the artistic potential of natural materials and the craftsmanship of a jewelry artisan to continuously develop bold, eclectic and unique handcrafted jewelry. This focus on design has grounded Stephanie’s Salikas’ Jewels as an esteemed brand in both the mainstream and sustainable fashion industries.

Utilizing gemstones, lazar cut wood pieces, raw materials and precious metals, Stephanie Whitfield combines natural materials with an urban aesthetic that manages to look both playful and sophisticated at once.

Salikas Jewels can be found in metropolitan area art and jewelry showcases, events, and artisan markets. For more information please visit