Hi all of you wonderful people.
Firstly, I want to apologize (sorry, not sorry) for hitting all of you up for philanthropic monies. Second, let me tell you why this is the right thing to do.
Back Alley Bikes is a rad non-profit organization that runs a number of programs with the intention of getting more of our residents on bike, with a particular emphasis (though not exclusively)  on youth.
Well besides the very obvious– bikes are great– Detroit and its surrounding areas face a multitude of challenges, not the least of which includes a lack of viable mass transportation options. Bikes must necessarily fill in the gaps for low income residents. Additionally, it’s great exercise!

To support this great organization, for the fourth year, my group and I are Biking the Blizzard!

On the fourteenth of January my friends and I will be risking life, limb, digits and uncomfortably cold posteriors by hitting the streets!

At least one of the three of us will be on these mean streets at any given time during the twenty fours hours in that day, pedaling our little hearts out for the cause.

Please consider donating (and perhaps sharing the donation link!) below. Thank you all in advance (you generous souls!)