By Anthony Brancaleone

Location scouting with photographer Jenni Cappella, we decide to stop into Farmers Restaurant for a late breakfast. By this time the crowds had died down a little and we found ourselves seated in a booth by the window. Outside were early holiday shoppers, picking up their Christmas trees, produce, and unique gifts in the neighboring antique mall.

Ms. Cappella ordered the fresh corned beef hash on recommendation from waitperson, and my friend from long ago, Adelle. The dish is considered a house specialty. I chose two poached eggs, medium well, ham, potatoes with grilled onion, and rye toast, with real butter, please.

Farmers Restaurant has a sparse interior, with an old school, Midwest design that has not changed for decades. Lets hope it never does. Personally, I love the ambiance of this place. It’s cozy, allowing for conversations to build into a pleasant buzz, mixed with the taking of orders, and sounds coming from the kitchen, all culminating in an experience filled with life.

Our oversized dishes arrived to big smiles. We could easily have split one plate. Jenni dug in and was immediately thrilled with her corned beef. She explained that she “usually eats more greens”, but in this case seemed determined to press on. My ham was delicious and plentiful. The potatoes ran the gamut from soft to well done, with little burnt, crispy edges – just the way I like them. Though, I ordered my eggs medium well they did come a bit less than medium. No matter, I improvised and simply mixed them into my potatoes. Oh, and Farmers offers Red Gold ketchup, which for me added a nice little flair. We both ate half and took the rest home.

Our bellies full, we moved out into the market beneath a light brush of snowflakes.


Farmers Restaurant 2542 Market Street Detroit (313) 259. 8230