Château de Versailles


By Juliet


I believe there is a profound beauty in everything, even in the most unpleasant or profane of circumstances.

I didn’t feel hatred nor was I glorified by the history of Château de Versailles, located at the suburb of Paris, France. You might say that I’m non judgemental, and naturally everywhere I go my camera is within arms’ reach from me. From the first sights and sounds from far, near and inside the palace of Versailles to the Grand Trianon, along with the Petit Trianon and The Hamlet, there are story to tell.

Wherever you are, if you look closely through the lens of a camera, you might even see something that you may have never noticed before. And standing wherever you are in that moment, that particular photo may entice all of the human senses from a spectacular sight, the smell of the flowers to the touch of the breeze. A photo can do that because I have felt it. My senses have been exhilarated many times, and it all started by just looking through the lens of my camera.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…. the photographs may or maybe not be beautiful to everyone, but it is beautiful in my own eyes.

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