A father sends lessons on history and story-telling home to his family through the tradition of the Postcard.


Sedona, Arizona | Aug 3 2012

Sedona’s main attraction is its stunning array of red sandstone formations, the Red Rocks of Sedona.

Pretty town. Over 60 movies made here from 1940-1960. John Wayne, James Stewart, Burt Lancaster & more – They ate and drank at The Cowboy Club – 1940 booth semi-circle. I had a fine Buffalo Flank Steak & a beer. Great hiking.

 Love, Dad xo


Buffalo Bill and his horse Isham | 19 May 2014

This photo shows Buffalo Bill watering his horse Isham from his hat during a performance of his Wild West Show. Photo courteous of Buffalo Bill Ranch.

Howdy Buckeroo,

 Had dinner in Cody, WY at his hotel, The Irma (Daughter), great ambiance. When Cody toured Europe & US, Chief Iron Tail & his Indians went too, and his profile is on our Indian head nickel. Cody’s horse’s descendants (six here) roam free here today just west of Cody. Had lunch in Yellowstone’s great lodge (1st time), all original 1901 chairs too.

 Love, thinking of you – Tommy Boy xo


Sioux Hunters | May 2013

Sioux hunters from the Pine Ridge Agency are pictured entering the “badlands” – the northern region of their Reservation in South Dakota. During the time of the Ghost Dance many faithful followers fled into this wasteland seeking protection from General Miles’ troops. The name “badlands” was acquired by French-Canadian trappers from Indian hunting parties who told of their difficulties in crossing this dry and barren region. To preserve its rugged beauty, Badlands National Monument was established in 1939.

Photographed by Edward S. Curtis, 1908

Hi – West Yellowstone – saw elk, moose, bison & 1st Grizzly bear this a.m. going there S. to the Grand Teton Range & it’s 40 mile long vista. 1 night in Jackson Hole with the ski mountain runs into town. Dinner at Double Barrel Gun – Bone-in Ribeye. However, no time to explore either place. Miss you both and see you soon.

Love, Dad


Santa Fe, New Mexico | 30 May 2014

Founded in 1610, Santa Fe is the oldest state capital in the United States. Along with its charming small-town feel, the city is well known as a center for arts and crafts that reflect its multicultural character.

Hey B-Boy,

Very quaint, very Spanish, civil, polite, serene. A place to explore and gather oneself. Had dinner off this square. A good mix of Indians here too, with hand crafted jewelry. A place to come relax.

Love, hugs Tommy Boy


Yellowstone National Park | May 21 2014

Mammoth Hot Springs

Travertine Terraces are seen at Mammoth Hot Springs in the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Travertine is a form of calcium carbonate that is dissolved from limestone beneath the ground, and is then carried to the surface by hot water. The colors represent a variety of bacterial algae that survive at various water temperatures.

 Dinner at Yellowstone Lodge (1901) all original – chairs too – great building. Saw 2 Grizzly bear, elk, 1 moose, deer and one wild hamburger. West Yellowstone town has a good remote feel. In Salt Lake now. Great ski resorts.

Love, Dad xo


Yellowstone National Park | Lower Falls

 How de doo ~

 Had lunch in Old Yellowstone Lodge (1901). All original, chairs too. Great ambiance. Saw 2 Grizzly, Elk, lower falls and Old faithful geyser. West Yellowstone town has a nice remote feel. Bison everywhere.

 Love , Dad xoxo


On The Little Bighorn  | May 23 2013

Photographed by Edward S. Curtis, 1908

Hey hi –

West Yellowstone’s a beauty. Cutting through today I saw moose, elk, bison and my 1st Grissly bear. No time to explore though. Did 1 night in Jackson Hole. The ski mountain comes down to town edge. The Teton’s an outstanding vista. A great dinner here at The Gun Barrel, bone-in ribeye. Miss you-see you soon-Tom Boy xo

Mount Rushmore National Memorial (May, 19 2013)

Mount Rushmore is illuminated for visitors to enjoy into the evening hours. The lights give the faces another perspective not seen under the bright sunlight of day.

Black Hills, South Dakota

Howdy from the Great Plains, Wyoming and Big Sky Montana where we visited Lewis & Clark on Missouri River. The antelope were playing my favorite song, Tumbling Tumbleweeds. Had dinner at Cattlemen’s Cut on a prairie road. Just out of Great Falls now.

 Xo Dad


Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona | Mule Scene

Thinking about all the trails we’ve been on – including snow trails – but, this grand place is something I want to share with you – so it’s a goal – Pictures here are worth something but seeing is more than believing. Keep home fires burning –

 Happy Trails Buckeroos. Love, Dad xoxo


Postcards by Tom Brank