In an exclusive IG interview with Bart Dangus (Prankis w/ Bart Dangus, Independent Comedy Club) the sometimes funny Stand Up shared what came from one year of lock down due to Covid.

Amongst other things, like cutting off his hair, Dangus launched a podcast on Twitch with fellow comedians Blain Hill and some other guys, called Big Time Garbage. It’s funny, if you like that kind of thing.

On April 20th (4/20, if you’re Hip enough to know what that means) the cast bring their comedic stylings to Trixie’s Bar (Hamtramck), where they will attempt to perform their podcast before a LIVE audience.

The following is a transcript of our historic Instagram interview – arguably the First in journalism:

Bart Dangus: Yoooooo

Anthony Brancaleone: What’s up?

BD: Just been so fucking busy!

Working some promo stuff while I’m on vacation and realized FUCK I didn’t message you back.

(Last message was September 2020)

But, yeah doing a live show combining stand up and our twitch.

AB: Cool.

Date time?

AB: Back in 15

BG: 4/20 bar opens noon, 8pm show.

Got a dispensary on board and a sick ass pizza pop up.

(I let 90 minutes pass to spite him for 6 months of ghosting me – how’s it feel?)

AB: Very nice.

I’ll put it in our events.

If you have additional info send to … (cut off)

AB: Or here…

AB: Let’s do an IG interview.

Q: Is it too soon to be funny?

(no reply)

Q: Too soon for us to laugh?

(no reply)

3 hours later.

AB: This is an interview

(no reply)


All that’s left is Instagram’s prompt for me to Get Vanish Mode