Detroit to Moscow to Yerevan

Thirty minutes into the cross Atlantic flight, the tight waisted, tight clothed, piercing eyed men and women, with little pins of Soviet era hammer, sans sickle, and wings, paraded down the aisle.

30 Years of Satori Circus

A one-man orchestration who takes a few strings from a discarded lyre and proceeds to fashion an invisible instrument that plays a jarring melody of new and old notes.

Does Donald Trump Hate Women?

“Donald Trump hates women” is a textbook characterization. Those who cling to this characterization hate Donald Trump.  That’s an observation. 

No lo sé: en Bogotá

The common cheek blushing verbiage lets me off the hook when talking to the backpack inspecting security guard at the supermercado

Carrera 7: en Bogotá

La policía are always looking for my uncle who drives all of my cousins around town. At some point my uncle and I will turn onto Carrera 7.