The Farmer’s Hand Does It Right

Founding partners, Rohani and Kiki, have built not only a “pantry, market and kitchen” but an anchor. Their use of highly curated products, produce and food are top-notch.

BOOK | Rania Matar: L’Enfant-Femme

Poignant portraits of pre-teen girls from both the Middle East and the U.S. exploring their complex feelings about looking and being looked at by Rania Matar

Parks & Rec Diner | Butternut and Apple Soup

Imagine the go-to creamy butternut soup that you see at restaurants and bars alike – oftentimes with drizzles of aioli, maybe some crunchy onions flakes, a dash of paprika, or perhaps with a bit of zucchini or carrot chunks for texture.


The life I had envisioned for myself in Manhattan, Woody Allen’s New York or the one that Ralph Lauren had always promised me in his beautiful ads, never seemed to manifest itself.

A Dream Cruise

When the ’55 aqua and white Chevy Bel-Aire pulled out onto the Avenue with its V-8 cranking out of its unforgettable, deep rumble, from its glass-pac dual mufflers, some took notice.